We are a fun, after-school, PUSD-approved enrichment program that provides high-quality experiences in music, dance, and theatre.  Our lessons are based on the CA Standards for the Performing Arts.

In our classes, we:

 * read and play rhythmic notation

 * play music & theatre games to build skills and understand terminology

 * play and act as an ensemble

 * put our skills together with fun songs and dance numbers

 * perform a showcase for family and friends during the final class of the session

Each class will have an element of music, theatre, and dance.  For those more interested in the behind-the-scenes aspect, we have some options available for our performances, such as assistant stage manager.


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Catherine Colby

"Miss Catherine"

For more than 20 years, Catherine Colby has directed hundreds of musical theatre productions both big and small!  With a B.A. degree in music, dance, theatre (from SDSU) she likes to integrate the performing arts in all her productions. 


She firmly believes kids learn more when they are having fun and to this end her favorite compliment came from a 6th grader who said, “I love your class because we don’t have to learn anything.”  That 6th grader, however, could play (and read) intricate rhythmic patterns in an African drum circle with 5 different rhythms patterns interlocking simultaneously.  She could read the treble clef and play the recorder at “black belt” level.  She sang and danced in multiple stage productions and delivered memorized lines in character in front of large audiences. 


Catherine’s mission with this after school Music & Theatre Class for Kids enrichment program is to help kids build the skills to be able to develop their own creativity and to feel comfortable in their own skin…to walk taller and think imaginatively.  She hopes to keep the arts alive in our culture by giving opportunities for kids to be exposed to quality arts education when they are young.

Fun fact: She once got the lead of a romantic play opposite the boy that she liked!

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Cindy Cribbins

"Miss Cindy"

Miss Cindy went to Midland Elementary School, Twin Peaks Middle School, and graduated Poway High School.  She studied music first at Palomar Community College and then at CSU San Marcos, and she gained a real passion for teaching the performing arts while at both schools.  She really enjoys bringing the arts to life and allowing children to learn while creating something fun!

For many years, she has sung in choirs and played piano.  She has also directed choirs and taught piano.  She is very enthusiastic about teaching music concepts and music theory to all ages and loves to connect to others through music.

Miss Cindy’s philosophy: The arts allow children to create and think in ways that are conducive to their overall well-being and education.  The skills that they learn through the arts, such as creative thinking, working in a group, and public speaking, are valuable to other courses of study and will remain with them throughout their lifetimes.  These skills, along with many others, are encouraged and strengthened in Music and Theatre Class for Kids!


Fun fact: Miss Cindy loves her birthday!  Ask her when it is  😊